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Comparing Streaming Service Value (Cost to Content Ratio)

PRICE (Lowest to Highest*)TITLES (Most to Fewest)VALUE (Best to Worst)
1. 🟫 Prime Video ($8.99)1. 🟫 Prime Video (10,805)1. 🟫 Prime Video ($0.08 per title / month) Β πŸ‘
2. πŸŸ₯ Netflix (9.99)2. πŸŸ₯ Netflix (6,123)2. πŸŸ₯ Netflix ($0.16 per title / month)πŸ‘
3. 🦚 Peacock ($9.99)3. πŸ—» Paramount+ (3,880)3. 🦚 Peacock ($0.27 per title / month)
4. 🟦 Disney+ ($10.99)4. 🦚 Peacock (3,706)4. πŸ—» Paramount+ ($0.31 per title / month)
5. πŸ—» Paramount+ with Showtime ($11.99)5. 🟩 Hulu (3,111)5. 🟩 Hulu ($0.48 per title / month) πŸ‘Ž
6. 🟩 Hulu ($14.99)6. πŸŸͺ HBO Max (3,084)6. πŸŸͺ HBO Max ($0.52 per title / month) πŸ‘Ž
7. πŸŸͺ HBO Max ($15.99)7. 🟦 Disney+ (1,919)7. 🟦 Disney+ ($0.57 per title / month) πŸ‘Ž
*for lowest ad-free tier || Data current as of March 2, 2023

Note: As of March 2023, we now include the Showtime and Paramount+ Library combined and use the new tier since it will be fully integrated shortly.

Prior to the price increase Disney+ was still a bad value, #5 out of 7 at $0.44. Now it’s just highway robbery.

What About The Disney Bundle? Good deal?

In the interest of kindness, we’re going to tell you the value per title / month if Disney combined the Disney Bundle. ESPN+ is estimated to have 500 titles. Add the 3 services together and it’s 5,530 titles which would put it in 3rd place on title count. The cost for the no-ads Bundle is a hefty $19.99 a month. 19.99 / 5530 = $0.36. Even now, Disney+ Ultimate would be overpriced compared to the industry leaders, Prime and Netflix! That’s because an appropriate ad-free bundle cost for all 3 services combined should be 12.99 – 14.99.

Conclusion: Not the good deal people think it is. If you’re not a sports fan it’s really lame. This is because Disney overprices all 3 services.

Comparing Streaming Service Library Sizes

#Streaming ServiceTitles (As of December 8)Monthly Price Tiers
1🟫 Prime Video10,8058.99
2πŸŸ₯ Netflix 6,1236.99 / 9.99 / 15.49 / 19.99
3πŸ—» Paramount+ with Showtime⬆️3,8804.99 / 11.99
4🦚 Peacock ⬇️ *3,7069.99 / 14.99
5🟩 Hulu ⬆️**3,1117.99 / 14.99
6πŸŸͺ HBO Max ⬇️3,0849.99 / 15.99
7πŸ›Ή MGM+ ⬆️2,0985.99
8🌍 Discovery+ ⬇️2,0144.99 / 6.99
9😱 AMC+ ⬆️1,9698.99
10🟦 Disney+ ⬇️1,9197.99 / 10.99
11⭐ Starz9908.99
12πŸƒ Hallmark Movies Now6125.99
13πŸ›Ÿ Lifetime Movie Club2694.99
14⬛ BET+2069.99
15🍎 Apple TV+1806.99
16πŸͺƒ Boomerang1675.99
Source: JustWatch and APIs || Data current as of March 2, 2023

Overall Disney Bundle Library: ~5,500

*Despite a huge gain for Peacock, including the Showtime catalog with Paramount+’s resulted in Paramount+ gaining even more and overtaking them.

**Hulu’s gains are because JustWatch inexplicably does not recognize the presence of the Hotstar hub. We have now calculated them in.

Comparing Streaming Service Subscriber Totals

Streamer (In Order of Launch)Subscribers (m)Reported
πŸŸ₯ Netflix223.1October 19
🟩 Hulu47.2November 8
🟦 Disney+ (& Star+ & Disney+ Hotstar & Hotstar)164.2November 8
πŸŸͺ HBO Max (& Discovery+ & HBO)94.9November 3
🦚 Peacock15October 27
πŸ—» Paramount+46November 2
Prime Video has ~200m, but does not count because it’s just a perk for 2-day shipping to most people.

Comparing Streaming Service ARPU

⬇️ Streamer / Year ➑️202020212022
🟦 Disney+4.524.123.91
🟩 Hulu 12.5912.7512.23
πŸŸͺ HBO Max11.7211.1511.33
🦚 Peacock49.59.75
πŸ—» Paramount+599.25
πŸŸ₯ Netflix10.9111.67
Data current as of December 25, 2022

Disney+ is just an embarrassment. Iger really needs to fix this!! I get that his initial strategy was for Disney+ to be a niche add-on type service and Hulu to be their Netflix-killer with a worldwide launch after 2024, but his poor business model and lack of foresight really screwed them over once Disney+ subscribers started to surge worldwide and it became clear Disney+ could dethrone Netflix.

Comparing Streaming Service YouTube Subscribers

Most Popular Streaming Service (by YouTube Subscribers)

RankingStreaming ServiceCurrent YouTube SubscribersSubscribers Quarter 4 2022Subscribers Quarter 3 2022
1Netflix25.6 Million24.7 Million24 Million
2Hulu2.2 Million2.17 Million2.1 Million
3HBO Max1.73 Million⬆️1.61 Million1.44 Million
4Prime Video1.71 Million⬇️1.61 Million1.47 Million
5Apple TV+1.29 Million1.22 Million1.14 Million
6Disney+1.18 Million1.11 Million1 Million
7Showtime1 Million965,000944,000
Data current as of January 16, 2023

Most Popular Streaming Service (by YouTube Subscribers) Line Graph

Streaming Service YouTube Success (By Channel Launch Date)

OrderYouTube Channel LaunchStreaming ServiceYouTube Subscribers
1November 16, 2005Starz735,000
2June 21, 2006Showtime1 Million
3February 6, 2014Prime Video1.71 Million
4August 13, 2012Netflix25.6 Million
5March 12, 2008Hulu2.2 Million
6April 15, 2009MGM+54,700
7January 24, 2017Boomerang271,000
8November 12, 2018*
*Launched as CBS All Access
9May 4, 2020Peacock780,000
10March 25, 2019Apple TV+1.29 Million
11June 26, 2019AMC+122,000
12August 23, 2019Disney+1.18 Million
13April 21, 2020HBO Max1.73 Million
14December 21 2020Discovery+173,000
Data current as of January 16, 2023

Our Take

Netflix has so much of a lead that it seems impossible any other service will ever catch up. Disney+ is growing slower than HBO Max, Prime, Hulu, and Netflix. It surprises us that Prime and Hulu are outpacing them… but then we remember it’s still seen as a babysitter. The drama surrounding HBO Max this quarter didn’t slow its YouTube sub growth.

Combining Hulu and Disney+‘s totals to 3 million is more along what we would expect from a powerhouse like Disney and a preview of what may be when / if Disney combines their apps.

Comparing Streaming Service Features

Data current as of December 25, 2022

The Temperature of Streaming (Quarter 4 2022)

We judge and rate based on multiple things including: hype for upcoming titles, recent successes, feature and UI progress, and personal biases as to what makes a “good streaming service.” Q1 2023 update will be in February!

πŸŸ₯ Netflix = 9/10

🟫 Prime Video = 8/10

πŸ—» Paramount+= 8/10

🦚 Peacock = 7/10

🟦 Disney+ = 5/10

πŸŸͺ HBO Max = 5/10

🟩 Hulu = 3/10