Apple TV Plus: How Apple Has Other Streamers Shook

Back in March of 2019, Apple TV+ was announced to the world. After launching on November 1st, 2019 Apple TV+ was dismissed as a laughing stock as they launched with a grand total of eight television shows and one documentary film. Now in 2022, hot off of winning the Oscar for best picture for the film CODA, being the first streamer to win such a prestigious award, let’s look at why Apple TV+ has their competition shook.

Apple Won An Oscar

Let’s start out with the most significant reason streamers are worried about Apple, they just won an Oscar for best picture at the Oscars. The film which won for Apple? The 2021 coming of age film CODA which stands for Children Of Deaf Adults. The film follows Ruby who is stuck between helping her family’s struggling fishing business or fulfilling her dream of being a singer.

CODA (C) 2022 Vendôme Pictures / Pathé Films / Apple

CODA is a film Apple picked up at Sundance back in 2021 which they paid a total of $25 Million for. One notable thing about CODA is a large number of the cast members are deaf, the film is also the first film to ever have subtitles burnt into the print of the film. This leads me to my next point.

Apple Has Better Disability Representation Than Companies Like Disney

This is a huge point. After over a century, companies like Disney, Warner Bros, NBCUniversal, Columbia Pictures and Paramount Global still don’t equally represent people with disabilities, Netflix have struggled too, but Apple hasn’t.


Besides CODA, Apple has released the series Little Voice which has an autistic side character played by an autistic actor. They have also adapted the book El Deafo into a series, and they have the upcoming Sundance film Cha Cha Real Smooth which features an autistic character within the cast. However, I could not find if the actress playing the role is actually autistic. Editor’s Note: We’ve confirmed she is, which sets this film apart from Sia’s controversial Music!. Apple has a live-action children’s series coming in June called Best Foot Forward which is based on the life of paralympic Josh Sundquist. Finally, Apple has featured Paralympic athletes in their sports docu-series Greatness Code.

The fact that Apple has given people with disabilities better representation than companies like the one-hundred-year-old juggernaut Disney, shows they care more than most entertainment giants.

Apple TV+ Offers Some Sports

Since its launch ,analysts said Apple should get into sports and earlier this year, they did. Apple made a deal with Major League Baseball to stream Friday Night Baseball. Apple is also rumoured to be in talks to get the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket, if they do, that gives sports fans another reason to pick up Apple TV+.

Apple TV+ Has A Small Library, But With High Quality

FRAGGLE ROCK is back… only on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ currently offers around 140 total titles to stream on the service. This library is tiny when compared to industry titans like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max etc, but Apple has focused on producing high-quality originals and has even made agreements for select library titles. Apple has made agreements for the Fraggle Rock and Peanuts franchises and also has agreements to produce more content in those franchises. They’ve even made a deal for Yo Gabba Gabba! Which will be added to Apple TV+ when its revival series airs.

Apple TV+ Is Super Cheap

Let’s look at this final point which makes Apple TV+ worth picking up, it’s $5 a month with no ads. In a time when Netflix and Disney+ are upping prices almost annually, Apple has kept their service affordable whilst increasing the number of series and movies they have available to watch. Not to mention if you have Apple Music on a student plan you get Apple TV+ for free.

Final Thoughts

Since its launch, Apple has worked to make Apple TV+ a streaming service worth subscribing to and it feels to me like they have achieved that goal. I believed in the Apple TV+ service, so earlier this year when I got a mobile upgrade from my carrier, I chose to get an iPhone 13 so I could get a three month trial of Apple TV+. Apple could buy any company they wanted and instantly have thousands of titles in their library, but Apple has shown they don’t need to swallow media giants to be successful. If Apple wanted, they could buy Sony Pictures, Paramount Global and Lionsgate and still have over $100 billion left, but they don’t need to swallow such companies due to anti-trust laws and Apple being well-known for not making large acquisitions.

One thing is clear though, Apple clearly has its competitors shook. Especially since they have basically an endless flow of cash to pay for content production for Apple TV+. Hopefully Apple continues to churn out hits, grow its subscriber base, and most importantly to me, continues to make high quality content about disabilities.

An Autistic Disney, Marvel and Star Wars fan from England. Ethan is an advocate for equal representation in media for people of colour, LGBTQ+, women and people with disabilities. One day he'll be a published author mark his words, but for now, he covers Disney stuff.