Ethan Holloway

An Autistic Disney, Marvel and Star Wars fan from England. Ethan is an advocate for equal representation in media for people of colour, LGBTQ+, women and people with disabilities. One day he'll be a published author mark his words, but for now, he covers Disney stuff.
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Apple TV+ And Disability Pride

Apple TV+ has one major advantage over the rest of the streaming services: proper representation for people with disabilities.

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Books About Disabilities Disney Plus Should Adapt

Here are 5 books with excellent disability representation that Disney+ should adapt.

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Candle Media: Third Party Content Seller Or Future Streaming Heavyweight?

Is Candle Media the future of streaming, or a content arms dealer?

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Apple TV Plus: How Apple Has Other Streamers Shook

Tech company Apple has a streaming service and it might be time to take them seriously.

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Why Disney+ Should Implement Live TV

Live TV on Disney+ would be a dream come true. It’s probably coming with the ad-tier this fall… right?

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Peacock UK: 6 Months Later, It’s Still Bad

Peacock launched half a year ago in the UK. In this opinion piece, guest writer Ethan Holloway explains why it’s still not good and how to fix it.

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How To Improve Disney Plus

Here are 4 ways to help a currently sputtering Disney+ unlock its full potential.

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Why Disney Plus Should Utilise Hotstar Content

It’s Asian Pacific American Heritage month. Disney could have handled it a lot better with proper usage of their assets, specifically Hotstar.

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Why Disney Plus USA Needs A Content Drop

Our friend from the UK, Ethan Holloway, think it’s time to even the playing field between Disney+ USA and the rest of the world.

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Disney Needs To Respect Its History (On Disney Plus)

Disney continues to disregard that which made Disney Disney. Disney+ started off great, but has become a disappointment to film historians and superfans.

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Recent Losses of Tommy Kirk and Tim Considine, Disney’s Original Hardy Boys, Highlight Disappointing Absence of Classic Catalog On Disney+
Open Letter to Disney+ Content Team and CEO Bob Chapek

Disney Legend Tommy Kirk appeared in almost 15 classic films and serials. Fans looking to mourn him via Disney+ were severely disappointed.

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The Disney Bundle We All Want

The USA’s Disney Bundle is not beloved, but people use it because… it’s there. What if Disney evolved the bundle to better compete with Apple or Amazon?

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Why Disney+ Should Add Linear Channels

Peacock and Paramount+ have a cool feature that Disney+ should add – linear channels. We have ideas…

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Why Disney+ Should Be Absorbed Into Hulu [Guest Post]

Our guest writer, Ethan Holloway, will advocate for Disney shifting their focus in USA from Disney+ to Hulu.

Kyoto Animation
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The Anime Studio Disney Should Acquire for Disney Plus

Our resident expert on anime, Ethan, shares his opinion on the anime studio Disney should acquire.