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Disney+ Falls Behind As All Competitors Stream Awards Shows. Could Disney+ Stream The Oscars In 2023?

Nearly every awards show is now streamed on the rights holder company’s streaming service. Disney ABC’s Academy Awards, aka The Oscars, is the outlier.

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The StreamClues Awards 2022

StreamClues awards the best series and films of 2022! Do you agree with our choices? If not, what did we miss?

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Ryan Murphy Should Ditch Netflix For Disney And Revive Two Classic Series

Legendary Producer Ryan Murphy’s overall deal at Netflix is ending soon. Here’s why he should come (back) to Disney.

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Could Disney Strip-mine 20th Century Fox Acquisition And Sell The Scraps?
Why Disney Should Sell Touchstone, Freeform, ESPN, and more.

What if Disney sold Fox? What about ESPN? Touchstone? A&E Networks? Plenty of options, but what makes sense?

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100 for 100: 100 Titles Disney Plus Should Add For Disney’s Centennial Celebration

What if Disney celebrated their 100th anniversary by adding 10 titles from each decade of business? We collaborated with you to create the ultimate list.

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Disney+ And Missing Saban Entertainment & Fox Kids-Jetix Worldwide Library

Dive into this heavily researched guest essay exploring the history of Disney’s beloved cartoon assets and network libraries that have been coldly left off Disney+.

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Every Streaming Service Has Unique Flaws Holding Them Back. Who Will Correct Them First?

Why is it that no streaming service can be perfect? We’ve identified the problems holding each service back.

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Never Safe: Disney+ Censorship & Gatekeeping Continues; ‘Dinosaurs’ Episode Banned 19 Months Later

Disney+ just removed an episode of DINOSAURS. Add it to the list of ways they’ve undermined their own parental controls and adult subscribers.

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Is Walden Media Keeping ‘Bridge To Terabithia’ and James Cameron’s ‘Ghosts Of The Abyss’ Off Disney+?

What ever happened to James Cameron’s GHOSTS OF THE ABYSS? With AVATAR 1 and 2 heading to theatres, isn’t now the time to stream it?

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Disney+ Executives Forfeit Integrity For Potential Box Office By Removing ‘Avatar’ Without Warning

Disney’s removal of Avatar from Disney+ is a bigger deal than people realize and could have been handled better.

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Disney+ Day And D23 – Staff Wishes

DejaView staff is excited for Disney+ Day and D23, though thoroughly prepared to be let down. Here are our hopes for content and announcements…

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Apple TV+ And Disability Pride

Apple TV+ has one major advantage over the rest of the streaming services: proper representation for people with disabilities.

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Disney+ USA Continues To Disappoint Disney Aficionados, But 5 Catalog Problems Are Global

In Year 3, despite unlocking full parental controls and adding “select” general entertainment”, Disney+’s catalog issues have only increased.

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Disney Falsely States ‘Angels In The Outfield’ Is Streaming On Disney+, Fans Left Frustrated

Despite an official Disney tweet suggesting otherwise, ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD is not on Disney+ and won’t be anytime soon. Here’s why.

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Disney+ Will Not Fix Incorrect DCOM Or Cartoon Aspect Ratios, 32 Months Later
Will Disney+ Ever Fix These Problems?

32 months after launch, Disney+ still hasn’t fixed many Day 1 problems. Cropping their titles is one of the most disappointing.