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[EXCLUSIVE] ‘Doctor Who’ Series 1-13 HBO Max Exit Date Revealed (USA)

DOCTOR WHO’s new episodes may begin airing on Disney+ this fall, but how long until they can stream the catalog?

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[Exclusive] Disney+ / Disney Channel Holiday Movie ‘The Naughty Nine’ Delayed, Releasing Holiday 2023!

Disney’s original holiday movie THE NAUGHTY NINE is not coming out in 2022.

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‘The Simpsons’ Season 33 Planned For September 28 Disney+ Release [Exclusive]

We know when THE SIMPSONS Season 33 is coming to Disney+… but will they ever get current season episodes?

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Many Of Comcast’s NBC, Bravo, And Telemundo Titles Are Leaving Hulu In September – Full List Revealed! [Exclusive]

Here is the preliminary list of Comcast / NBCUniversal content leaving Hulu in September. Subject to change.

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8 Months Ago, Disney+ Forgot To Add The Last 8 Episode Of ‘Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks’ Season 8

Out of all the mistakes Disney+ has made in the past year, forgetting to add the back half of a season is an odd one.

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[Exclusive] ‘The Fault In Our Stars,’ ‘Eragon,’ & ‘Garfield,’ Leaving Disney+ USA Again August 1; Fox Film Library Problems Continue
The Monthly Fox Film Purges Continue

3 more Fox films are leaving Disney+ USA. What else is new?

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‘Malcolm in the Middle’ and ‘Doogie Howser’ Jumping From Hulu To Disney Plus (Exclusive)

DOOGIE HOWSER. MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE. Disney+. Inside information on Disney’s general entertainment plans.

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Disney Plus Communications Continues To Sow Distrust And Confusion With Subscribers, Severe Mishandling Of April Content List

For the past few months, the lists Disney Plus communications send to the press have been highly unreliable. This is a bigger issue than it sounds like and is part of a larger problem with Disney’s’ marketing and communications.

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[Scoop] Disney Plus Is Building A New Feature Inspired By Netflix

What if we told you Disney Plus was developing an awesome new homescreen feature?

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“Coming To Disney+ In October” List Appears Riddled With Errors And Confusing Additions
Disney Channel releases are a mess...

Disney Plus released their list of content coming to the USA in October and it appears to be full of mistakes.

TGIF Series Leaving Hulu
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[Exclusive] TGIF Series ‘Family Matters,’ ‘Full House,’ ‘Step by Step,’ ‘Hangin With Mr. Cooper,’ And ‘Perfect Strangers’ Leaving Hulu October 1st, Likely Headed To HBO Max
Just in time for HBO Max's upcoming Urkel Christmas special!

TGIF moving to HBO Max? Hulu is set to lose over 800 episodes of classic sitcoms including ‘Full House’ and ‘Family Matters.’

Disney Plus Film Sneakerella Delayed To 2022
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[EXCLUSIVE] Disney+ Original Film ‘Sneakerella’ Delayed To 2022, Not Moving To Disney Channel
-Why the delay makes sense.

It’s going to be a while before we see ‘Sneakerella’ on Disney+.

Why Tiger Town Belongs on Disney Plus
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[Exclusive] Why ‘Tiger Town’ Belongs on Disney+, A Letter From Director Alan Shapiro

Director / Writer of ‘Tiger Town’ joins us for a special guest post on why the first Disney Channel Premiere film should be streaming on Disney+.

The Book of Boba Fett Premiere Date Leaked
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[Exclusive] Japan May Have Spoiled ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Premiere Month On Disney+; Not What We Expected
Things could be getting interesting.

If Disney’s marketing teams blew a surprise we’re here to speculate on it… if not we’re speculating anyway.

Mysterious Benedict Society Season 2
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[Exclusive] ‘Mysterious Benedict Society’ Season 2 In Planning Stages At Disney+
Yes, please!

What if I told you that Mysterious Benedict Society was probably getting renewed? Here’s the proof.