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Commonly requested features to improve Disney+

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Why Disney+ Should Add Linear Channels

Peacock and Paramount+ have a cool feature that Disney+ should add – linear channels. We have ideas…

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[Scoop] Disney Plus Is Building A New Feature Inspired By Netflix

What if we told you Disney Plus was developing an awesome new homescreen feature?

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Why Doesn’t Disney+ Promote Newly Added Titles, Episodes Or Seasons?
Asking for Sydney to the Max, Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, and Turner & Hooch

Let’s look at how the new episodes added to Disney+ today are not properly promoted.

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Disney Plus Needs a “Thumbs Up / Down” Feature

One requested feature that some of the major streamers use is a Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down button. Incorporating such a feature allows for users to take streaming into their own hands.

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Netflix Genres Disney Plus Lacks

Disney+ has over a thousand movies and TV series and the best way to transverse that large library? Search by genres. And no streaming service has more genres available than Disney+’s main rival, Netflix…

Tangled Disney TV Series
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Why Are Disney Plus Original Series Underperforming? [Analysis]

Today, news broke courtesy Streamr that Disney is running a survey investigating the low viewership in their criminally underrated, most superior original series – Big Shot (2021). Big Shot’s finale aired today but you probably wouldn’t know that. One of the questions the survey asks is whether people would have watched more episodes if it had been available in a binge format. This is where I step in once more and reiterate what I’ve been shouting at the moon since earlier this year.

People don’t watch Disney+ series because Disney+ is not seen as a destination for TV.

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Disney+ Needs a Shuffle Button

Netflix provides one of the most interesting features available on the market. Have you ever struggled to decide what to watch on TV? Netflix created a feature that picks a random title for you to watch. The tool is called the Play Something button.

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Disney+ Needs a “Viewing Activity” History

One of the best things about Netflix compared to other services is their detailed Activity History. I scooped many months ago via Twitter that the phrase “Viewing Activity History” is present in Disney+ menu code, but it either pertains to something different or remains under construction as no such feature has launched.

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Disney+ Needs a “Remove From Continue Watching” Option

There is a major feature that every single streaming service has… except Disney+. That feature is the option to remove a title from the Continue Watching row.

HBO Max Coming Soon Page
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Disney Plus Needs A “Coming Soon” Section

When HBO Max launched, one of the most praised features to the new service was a tab called “Coming Soon.” This page reveals upcoming original and library titles coming in the current month as well as highlights from further out. This area gets users excited about content arriving as well as keeps it on their mind.