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Spotlighting some notable missing films and series.

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Disney+ And Missing Saban Entertainment & Fox Kids-Jetix Worldwide Library

Dive into this heavily researched guest essay exploring the history of Disney’s beloved cartoon assets and network libraries that have been coldly left off Disney+.

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Why Disney Plus USA Needs A Content Drop

Our friend from the UK, Ethan Holloway, think it’s time to even the playing field between Disney+ USA and the rest of the world.

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Fans (And Legendary Disney Producer Tad Stones) Want ‘Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command’ On Disney Plus Before ‘Lightyear’ Lands In Theatres

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of people crying out for ‘Buzz Lightyear of Star Command’ to join Disney+.

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How Disney Plus Can Help Fans Mourn Gilbert Gottfried (And How It Can’t)

Hollywood lost a comedy legend today. Fans looking to view his work on Disney+ will find half of it missing, but enough to appreciate.

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Only 50 Of 243 Titles Available On Stream on Disney Plus

Why does Disney+ only stream 1/4 of the content available on

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Recent Losses of Tommy Kirk and Tim Considine, Disney’s Original Hardy Boys, Highlight Disappointing Absence of Classic Catalog On Disney+
Open Letter to Disney+ Content Team and CEO Bob Chapek

Disney Legend Tommy Kirk appeared in almost 15 classic films and serials. Fans looking to mourn him via Disney+ were severely disappointed.

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Winnie The Pooh And The Missing Disney Plus Library

Oh bother! Where is the Winnie the Pooh library on Disney Plus?

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10 Missing Titles Joe Earley Must Add To Disney+ In Black History Month
Will February finally bring these gems?

1 year after adding Brandy’s ultra-requested ‘Cinderella’ film, will Disney+ disappoint in Black History Month 2022? Here are 10 titles still missing from their “Celebrating Black Stories” collection.

Disney+ Day Brings Enchanted and more new surprises
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‘Enchanted’ Will Finally Stream On Disney+ Beginning Friday – Disney+ Day
The biggest missing film since launch has been found.

You’re not dreaming, Disney+ is finally adding ‘Enchanted’ to the service. They announced a few other titles coming Disney+ Day, too…

disney plus day lineup
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Disney+ Day Line-Up Revealed: Exciting Originals, Underwhelming Library

Disney announced their exciting, initial lineup for the first annuyal Disney+ Plus Day on November 12th. As usual, it’s missing a few key ingredients.

Just Roll With It Halloween Special Missing on Disney Plus
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Help Requested: ‘Just Roll With It: You Decide LIVE!’ (2019 Halloween special); Numerous Halloween Specials Missing From Disney+ Hallowstream

The amount of missing content will only grow if we don’t work together to show Disney the value in correcting licensing issues.

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1 Year After Leaving Netflix, Cult-Classic ‘Galavant’ Remains Locked In Disney’s Dungeon
Justice for Galavant!

Few series have ever been more perfect for Disney+ than ‘Galavant.’ Shame Disney hides it away.

Tiger Town Must Be Added To Disney Plus
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‘Tiger Town’ – It’s Long Past Time For Disney+ To Add Disney Channel’s First Original Film
Director Alan Shapiro needs our help.

Alan Shapiro, director / writer of the very first Disney Channel original film needs our help to get ‘Tiger Town’ on Disney+!

8 Missing Halloween Film on Disney Plus - Add Them For Hallowstream
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How Likely Is It Disney+ Adds These 8 Missing Halloween Movies This Year?
Bring back the older gems!

The Disney+ library is missing a handful of family-favorite Halloween gems. Is your favorite on this list? Why hasn’t Disney added it yet? Where can you watch it? Read on…

Disney+ and Paramount+ Need To Exchange Notes
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Disney Plus Pivoting To In-Season Episodes Is Great – Unless You Value Classic Content.
Paramount+ and Disney+ should exchange notes.

Paramount+ has Nickelodeon. Disney+ has Disney Channel. Both could learn from each other.