Croc That Ate Jaws (2021) [Coming to Disney+]

National Geographic has announced their annual SharkFest programming and this year Disney+ gets to swim in the deep end! The first 4 Fridays in July will see brand new shark specials and series added to Disney+ the same week they air on Nat Geo!

Croc That Ate Jaws (2021) is a brand new special premiering July 8th on National Geographic. It will debut the following day (July 9th) on Disney+.

Croc That Ate Jaws (C) 2021 / National Geographic
Croc That Ate Jaws (C) 2021 / National Geographic

Synopsis: From mysterious severed heads and ambush attacks to mob hunts and stand-offs, what happens when two of the deadliest predators on the planet go head-to-head?

Trailer: Not available.

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