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Disney Publishing Titles That Should BE Adapted For Disney+

Book adaptions are a natural thing in Hollywood. Some of them turn out to be great critical and commercial successes (see Lord Of The Rings (1954) and Harry Potter(1997) whilst others are critical and commercial flops (see Percy Jackson (2005) and Artemis Fowl (2001). Disney Publishing Worldwide publishes a plethora of titles so let’s take a look at the original IPs published by Disney Publishing Worldwide which aren’t based on their pre-existing IPs.

Note: Percy Jackson and all related spinoffs aren’t on this list.

The Last Fallen Star
The Last Fallen Star

The Last Fallen Star (2021):

A book about a girl called Riley Oh who was adopted by a clan of witches. After Riley and her sister Hattie cast a spell so Riley could become a witch like Hattie, but when the duo attempt to violate the laws of the Godrealm Hattie’s life ends up hanging in the balance, the only way for Riley to save her is to find The Last Fallen Star. With Disney+ pushing into South Korea this year now would be a perfect time to strike up a deal with The Last Fallen Star author Graci Kim to adapt The Last Fallen Star into a movie or miniseries for DIsney+. After all, who doesn’t like learning about myths from other cultures like Korean myths?

Once Upon a Tide: A Mermaid’s Tale cover art

Once Upon A Tide (2021):

A perfect story for Disney+ to adapt about a mermaid who is a princess. Princess Lana is the youngest ambassador for her underwater kingdom which means leaving her kingdom and trading in her mermaid tail for a pair of legs. But after an earthquake, Lana’s Dad tells her to remain onshore leading Lana to discover there are nefarious forces at play. Due to Disney’s history with films about mermaids, Once Upon A Tide would be a perfect fit for the Disney brand and could share a new Disney mermaid story for a new generation.

cover art of #MurderTrending
#MurderTrending cover art

#MurderTrending (2019):

Probably the darkest story on this list, #MurderTrending follows seventeen-year-old Dee Guerrera who is sent to Alcatraz 2.0 for a crime she didn’t commit and must escape with the help of her new friend group The Death Row Breakfast Club before they are all executed. This book is part of a trilogy so there is potential for a film trilogy or a multi-season series on Disney+ which would be targeted at an older audience compared to something like High School Musical: The Musical The Series (2019).

Cover Art For Tristian Strong Punches A Hole In The Sky
Tristian Strong Punches A Hole In The Sky cover art

Tristan Strong (2019):

Kwame Mbalia’s Tristian Strong series is on this list for a similar reason as Graci Kim’s The Last Fallen Star. Tristan Strong is a series of novels about Tristian Strong and is based on African folklore and Western African Gods and is described as “American Gods set in a richly imagined world populated with African American folk heroes and West African Gods”. Seventh-grader Tristian Strong feels anything but strong since he failed to save his best friend during a bus accident, when Tristian punches a tree it opens a portal to the Midpass leading him on an adventure. With the recent Black Lives Matter protests if Disney were to adapt Tristian Strong it would be a great way to teach kids about African mythology and the series would be a great addition to the Celebrate Black Stories collection on Disney+.

That’s my list, what’s yours? Is there a Disney Publishing Worldwide IP you want to see adapted on Disney+?

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