Everything New Streaming On Disney+ In April 2023

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Have they truly given up? April has only 17 non-original titles scheduled. This means April will be the 4th worst month since launch, 41 months prior. This also makes April 2023 the end of the tradition started back in 2020 where April was, for whatever reason, the best or 2nd best catalog month of the year.

Disney+ April 2023 has 22 non-originals scheduled.

Where did Disney+’s “content” team go wrong this time?

  • Arab American Month content is non-existent.
  • Easter content is non-existent.
  • The A&E, Lifetime, and History content ceased 1 month ago.
  • ESPN 30 for 30 catalog ceased 1 month ago.
  • The #Disney100 is once again meaningless with no missing catalog.
  • For the first April since launch, missing Disney Channel / XD live action and DisneyTVA toon catalog are not arriving. It’s strange, but April was the one month each year that those catalog were remembered.
  • The windowing changes that victimized current Nat Geo a year ago remain in strong effect, in addition to the new Hulu next-day episodes strategy. Accordingly, the library is increasingly behind on relevant series with only a few random “early binge drop” shows appearing in good time.
  • The international originals continue to be funneled into Hulu approximately 8 per 1 on Disney+. Disgustingly, this is NOT an exaggeration.
  • After surprise adding Doogie Howser in March, the respectable, general entertainment series catalog is once again non-existent.
  • In addition to the new Nat Geo windowing issues, theatrical films are now back to longer windows and exclusive PVOD windows which only further exacerbates the content problems. Avatar: The Way of Water would have been a February or March release under the old strategy. Now? We expect a late April launch. But It could end up being May or June! Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania is likely coming within the next 60 days as well.
  • They are unprofessionally taking another Friday off despite basically refusing to add films or specials for the past 2 years and having over 1,000 streaming outside USA that they haven’t even added here yet. (April 3 Update: Now they’ve scheduled a next day release of the Jeremey Renner interview.) They took a Friday off in March, but only because the 2 titles scheduled no-showed. Last month set a record for no-shows with a mind-blowing 8 titles they promoted not arriving including, inexcusably, 6 Nat Geo. Only 1 of the 8 are scheduled for April.

Disney+ Library Averages / Totals

Library Brand Breakdown


[NAT GEO] – 8





[ESPN] – 0








Last 3 Months Comparison

Arriving On Disney+ April 2023

Streaming Sunday, April 2

  • The Ghost and Molly McGee (Season 2, Episodes 1-5) [DISNEY CHANNEL]
  • Spring Shorts-Tacular with the Ghost and Molly McGee (2022) [DISNEY CHANNEL]

Streaming Wednesday, April 5

  • The Crossover (Season 1 – All Episodes) [DISNEY+ ORIGINAL SERIES]
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth (Season 1 – All Episodes) [DISNEY+ ORIGINAL SERIES]
  • Kiya & The Kimoja Heroes (Season 1, Episode 4) [DISNEY JUNIOR]
  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Season 3, Episode 6) [DISNEY+ ORIGINAL SERIES]
  • Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks Showdown (S1) [NAT GEO] } 🔍 Stream Clue #1 – This series ended in November 2022 and was originally scheduled for December 28 2022 before it no-showed. It took THIS long to even get rescheduled…

Streaming Friday, April 7

  • Jeremy Renner: The Diane Sawyer Interview [ABC NEWS]

Streaming Sunday, April 9

  • The Owl House (Season 3, Episode 3 – Series Finale) [DISNEY CHANNEL]

Streaming Wednesday, April 12

  • Critter Fixers: Country Vets (Season 4 – All Episodes) [NAT GEO] } 🔍 Stream Clue #2 – The official Disney+ press release does not acknowledge this title despite its listing on the Nat Geo April press release. It’s always a coin toss if titles promoted this way appear or not.
  • Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet (Season 11 – All Episodes) [NAT GEO]
  • It’s All Right! (Season 1 – All Episodes) [DISNEY+ ORIGINAL SERIES]
  • Kiff (Season 1, Episodes 7-11) [DISNEY CHANNEL]
  • Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (Season 1, Episodes 12-15 – Season Finale) [DISNEY CHANNEL]
  • Rennervations (Season 1 – All Episodes) [DISNEY+ ORIGINAL SERIES]
  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Season 3, Episode 7) [DISNEY+ ORIGINAL SERIES]

Streaming Friday, April 14

  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (2022) [DISNEY SHORT] } 🔍 Stream Clue #3 – They could have added the classic series for Disney 100. Since they don’t seem to care about their catalog, they’re adding this recent short instead. It’s free on YouTube already.

Streaming Wednesday, April 19

  • Big City Greens (Season 3, Episodes 17-20 – Season Finale) [DISNEY CHANNEL]
  • Hamster & Gretel (Season 1, Episodes 16-19) [DISNEY CHANNEL]
  • PJ Masks: Power Heroes (Season 1, Episodes 1-7) [DISNEY JUNIOR]
  • Raven’s Home (Season 6, Episodes 1-??) [DISNEY CHANNEL]
  • Star WarsThe Mandalorian (Season 3, Episode 8 – Season Finale) [DISNEY+ ORIGINAL SERIES]
  • UFOs: Investigating the Unknown (Season 1) [NAT GEO]

Streaming Saturday, April 22

  • Secrets of the Elephants (Season 1 – All Episodes) [NAT GEO]

⚠️ After previous years Earth Day schedules, this is a very weak lineup. Remember the earlier years when they added MULTIPLE catalog titles? They completely gave up. There are TONS of Nat Geo titles that should be scheduled and the missing True Life Adventures shorts / films.

Streaming Wednesday, April 26

  • Dino Ranch (Season 2, Episodes 15 – 19) [DISNEY JUNIOR]
  • Going Fur Gold (Season 1 – All Episodes) [NAT GEO] } 🔍 Stream Clue #4 – Like Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks Showdown earlier this month, this is a rescheduled title that no-showed in January and March. Yikes.
  • Last of the Giants: Wild Fish (Season 2) [NAT GEO]
  • Matildas: The World at Our Feet (Season 1 – All Episodes) [DISNEY+ ORIGINAL SERIES]
  • Saturdays (Season 1, Episodes 7-11) [DISNEY CHANNEL]
  • Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures (Shorts) (Season 1 – All Episodes) [DISNEY+ ORIGINAL SERIES]

Streaming Friday, April 28

  • Path of the Panther (2022) [NAT GEO]
  • Peter Pan & Wendy (2023) [DISNEY+ ORIGINAL MOVIE]

Leaving Disney+ April 1, 2023

For the 13th month in a row we are exclusively able to confirm titles LEAVING Disney+. On April 1, there will be a bloodbath.

Home Alone 1-3, Like Mike, and X-2: X-Men United will leave Disney+ on April 1. Your final day to stream is March 31. (April 3 Update: Told ya.) None of them will return until mid-2024. This is the all-time record for films stolen by Starz in one month. Happy streaming, USA – it NEVER gets better.

🗞️ Except something new happened. And it is good. It looks like Disney MIGHT have bought out the Pay 2 exclusivity clause at HBO. What this means is that remaining films from 2014-2022 that return to HBO may stay on Disney+ and co-stream.

We saw that happen with Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb (2014) on March 1st. The next test will be X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) which is scheduled to return to HBO imminently. If it remains on Disney+ when it heads to HBO, we will be entering a much better era for Disney+ USA and will no longer have to lose The Peanuts Movie (2015) or Fantastic Four (2015) later this year!

Please follow along here as we track removals and returns.

The Disney 100 Check-In Corner

Where’s Walt?

As always, no changes.

Bad Streaks

Disney Branded TV Live-Action Check-In

They’ve destroyed the April tradition. Nothing. The streak continues.

Disney Cartoon Check-In

Extremely disappointing. Nothing. Again.

Additional data: 61 Missing Cartoons

Modern Nat Geo Check-In

Until Disney+ properly employs a next or same day streaming strategy for Nat Geo and Nat Geo Wild series and specials, we will continue to track the slow pace they add content.

Despite the influx of Nat Geo in November – March, the 2020-2023 specials remain far behind and now Hulu has become a massive roadblock as they have started a new strategy in the past 6 months that sends caseloads of specials to Hulu instead of the Disney+ brand tile. Unfortunately, April is more of the same.

Recent Specials Missing:

  • Lost Treasures of Arabia: The Ancient City of Dadan (2023)
  • Lost Treasures of Egypt – Four Queens (2023)
  • Lost Treasures of Rome – Women Dig History (2023)
  • Nazis at Nuremberg: The Lost Testimony (2023) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • National Geographic Investigates: Legal Marijuana in America (2023) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • National Geographic Investigates: Peru’s Grave Mystery (2023) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • National Geographic Investigates: Colombian Hippo Invasion (2023) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • Titanic: 25 Years Later with James Cameron (2023) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • National Geographic Investigates: Great Lakes Wreckage (2023) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • National Geographic Investigates: Battle for Alaska’s Oil (2023) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • National Geographic Investigates – Narco Bling: Chapo Guzman End Game (2023) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • National Geographic Investigates: LSD and Psychedelics (2023) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • Pablo Escobar: Man vs Myth (2022) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • Narco Wars: Drugs in America (2022) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • Narco Wars: Queen Pins (2022) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • Super Frenchie: Adventure Calls (2022)
  • National Geographic Investigates: The Fall of Osama Bin Laden (2022) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • Latin America from Above: From Baja to Patagonia (2022) – Narrated by Gina Rodriguez
  • Home Rediscovered (2021)
  • Rise Again: Tulsa and the Red Summer (2021) (On Hulu)
  • Killer High The Silent Crisis (2021) (Left Hulu in May 2022)
  • Our America: Todos Unidos (2021)
  • Mountain Strong: Surviving the Creek Fire (2021)
  • Serpent’s Surprise (2021)
  • Our America: Asian Voices (2021)
  • Our America: Climate of Hope (2021)
  • The Last Drop (2021)
  • Mission Possible: The Race for a Vaccine (2021)
  • The March on Washington: Keepers of the Dream (2021) (On Hulu)
  • North Korea: Inside the Mind of a Dictator (2021) (On Hulu)
  • Launch America: Mission to Space Live (2020)
  • Butt Heads: The Strange Story of Sheep (2020)

Recent Series Missing:

  • Drain the Oceans (Season 6) (Airing)
  • The Incredible Dr. Pol (Season 22) (Airing)
  • Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa (Season 4) (Airing)
  • Life Below Zero Season 20 (Airing)
  • Port Protection: Alaska Season 6 (Airing) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • Life Below Zero: Next Generation Season 5 (Airing) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • Border Patrol aka To Catch a Smuggler: South Pacific (Seasons 1-12) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • UFOs: Investigating the Unknown (2023) (Foolishly licensed to Hulu despite Nat Geo brand tile)
  • Narco Wars (Seasons 1-3) (Licensed to Hulu)
  • Trafficked With Mariana van Zeller (Seasons 1-3) (Licensed to Hulu) (No-Showed March 23 on Disney+ 😭)
  • The Hot Zone (Seasons 1-2) (Licensed to Hulu)
  • Car SOS Season 10 (Provided to Canada in March)
  • Car SOS Season 9 (Provided to Canada in March)

Additional date: Nat Geo Library Progress

The Usual “Missing Titles” Watch

  • Anastasia (1997), Baby’s Day Out (1994), Mr. Popper’s Penguins (2011), Horton Hears A Who (2008), Epic (2013), Dr. Dolittle 2 (2008), Dr. Dolittle 5 (2009), Flicka: Country Pride (2012), Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011) and Robots (2005) have all left HBO, Starz, Peacock, or Hulu in the past 1.5 years!! All stream on Disney+ around the world and most were previously on Disney+ USA.
  • Dick Tracy (1990) and Jungle Book (1994) left HBO February 28th, 2021. Neither have ever been made available on Disney+ worldwide.
  • Everybody’s Hero (2006) and Eddie the Eagle (2016) remain lost after mysterious removals.

Additional data: 82 Missing Disney Pictures Films

Additional data: Over 2000 Missing Touchstone, Hollywood, and Fox Films

Additional data: All Titles Removed From Disney+ USA

Final Consensus: Is It Worth 10.99 A Month?

For the 3rd month in a row since we launched this feature, not remotely.

Monthly recommendation: Churn until they take their own service seriously.

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