Everything New Streaming On HBO Max In December 2022

Highlights (Via Press Release)

​​​HBO Max announces everything coming to the platform this December including the third and final season of HIS DARK MATERIALS (12/5), based on “The Amber Spyglass,” the final novel in Philip Pullman’s award-winning trilogy. In the final chapter of this epic fantasy series, Lyra (Dafne Keen), the prophesied child, and Will (Amir Wilson), the bearer of The Subtle Knife, must journey to a dark place from which no one has ever returned. But as her father’s great war against the Authority edges closer, they will learn that saving the world comes at a terrible price.

GOSSIP GIRL (12/1) is leaving no stone unturned in her effort to control the scandalous lives/spin the scandalous lies of Manhattan’s elite. She’s learned a thing or two from her first go-round — namely what her audience wants, they shall get. It’s time for her to turn the heat up on what’s been simmering as well as look at her own impact, and how she can make it more catastrophic than it was before. 

December also brings the fourth season of DOOM PATROL (12/8), which opens with the team unexpectedly traveling to the future to find an unwelcome surprise. Faced with their imminent demise, the Doom Patrol must decide once and for all which is more important: their own happiness or the fate of the world?

From creators Bashir Salahuddin, Diallo Riddle and Sultan Salahuddin, SOUTH SIDE (12/8) follows Simon (Sultan Salahuddin) and K (Kareme Young), two enterprising best friends hustling and dreaming their way through the Windy City – when they’re not too busy working as furniture repo men at the local Rent-T-Own. Shot on location in Chicago, the series also features cunning Sergeant Turner (Chandra Russell) and her clueless partner Officer Goodnight (Bashir Salahuddin), questionable local politician Allen Gayle (Diallo Riddle), and an ever-expanding roster of real-life Chicago residents, offering a glimpse at what it’s really like to live on the South Side.

The second season of SORT OF (12/1) is the season of love. Love includes friends, family, work, romantic love and, most importantly, one’s self-love. Sabi decides that not only are they ready for some uncomplicated romance, but they also want everyone to love each other. Unfortunately, Sabi is faced with situations and relationships that are anything but simple, including their dad’s unexpected return from Dubai, the Kaneko-Bauers’ struggles as Bessy is released from rehab and issues at Bar Bük.

Four-part docuseries BRANSON (12/1) takes viewers on an expansive and intimate 70-year journey, from Richard Branson’s upbringing as the son of a spirited, tough-love mother in Britain, to his pursuits of extreme, personal daredevilry that serve both to grow his businesses’ brands and feed his insatiable, lifelong thirst for high-stakes adventure.

Artist, musician and filmmaker Terence Nance returns with a long-awaited second season of the acclaimed series RANDOM ACTS OF FLYNESS, which explores the metaphysics of Black life through avant-garde storytelling. Season two follows Terence and Najja (Alicia Pilgrim), a couple working towards healing generational wounds and reintroducing themselves to the ways of their ancestors. Each of the season’s six episodes explores a different dimension, while presenting a rich tapestry of audio-visuals to illustrate the spiritual practice of Black liberation.

A HOLLYWOOD CHRISTMAS (12/1) follows Jessica, a young, up-and-coming filmmaker in Hollywood who has made a name for herself directing Christmas movies. But when handsome network executive Christopher shows up threatening to halt production on her latest movie, Jessica’s assistant, Reena, points out the irony: Jessica isn’t just trying to save her Christmas movie, she’s actually living in one. 

Another batch of discovery+ titles will be coming to HBO Max on December 14 which will include SERVING THE HAMPTONSSELLING THE HAMPTONSTRIXIE MOTEL, and QUEEN OF VERSAILLES REIGNS AGAIN. Magnolia Network’s SILOS BAKING COMPETITION: HOLIDAY EDITION (12/9), which follows five home bakers across the country that are challenged to perfect a favorite holiday cookie recipe for a $25,000 cash price and a chance to have their winning treat featured on the menu in December at Chip and Joanna’s bakery, Silos Baking Co. Joining Joanna Gaines at the judges’ table are guest judges Andrew Zimmern (Family Dinner) and Zoë François (Zoë Bakes) will also make its way to the platform this month. 

Arriving On HBO Max December 2022

Streaming December 1

  • 3:10 to Yuma, 1957
  • 10,000 B.C., 2008
  • Black Sheep, 1996
  • Branson, HBO Original Docuseries Premiere (HBO)
  • Burn After Reading, 2008
  • Can’t Hardly Wait, 1998
  • Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams, 1981 (HBO)
  • Cheech & Chong’s The Corsican Brothers, 1984 (HBO)
  • Cheech & Chong’s Things Are Tough All Over, 1982
  • The Children Act, 2017 (HBO)
  • De Palma, 2015 (HBO)
  • First Reformed, 2017 (HBO)
  • Friends with Benefits, 2011
  • Gossip Girl, Max Original Season 2 Premiere
  • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, 2008 (HBO)
  • The Murdochs: Empire of Influence
  • Gone Girl, 2014 (HBO)
  • Green Room, 2015 (HBO)
  • Hellraiser III Hell on Earth, 1992 (HBO)
  • Hellraiser IV: Bloodline, 1996 (HBO)
  • Hellraiser V: Inferno, 2000 (HBO)
  • Hellraiser VII: Deader, 2005 (HBO)
  • Hellraiser: Hellseeker, 2002 (HBO)
  • Hellraiser: Hellworld, 2005 (HBO)
  • A Hollywood Christmas, 2022
  • Hook, 1991
  • Into the Forest, 2015 (HBO)
  • Krisha, 2015 (HBO)
  • The Maze Runner, 2014 (HBO)
  • My Fellow Americans, 1996 (HBO)
  • Paradise (Paraíso), Max Original Season 2 Premiere
  • The Purge: Anarchy, 2014
  • Redemption, 2013 (HBO)
  • Reindeer Games, 2000 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)
  • The Sea of Trees, 2015 (HBO)
  • Sesame Street’s The Nutcracker, Max Original Special Premiere
  • Small Town Crime, 2017 (HBO)
  • Sort Of, Max Original Season 2 Premiere
  • Step Up All In, 2014 (HBO)
  • Step Up Revolution, 2012 (HBO)
  • Stomp the Yard, 2007
  • Stomp the Yard: Homecoming, 2010
  • Street Kings, 2008 (HBO)
  • The Tomorrow Man, 2019 (HBO)
  • Trumbo, 2015 (HBO)
  • Two Can Play That Game, 2001
  • Urban Cowboy, 1980
  • ¡Viva Maestro!, 2022
  • Win Win, 2011 (HBO)

Streaming December 2

  • Blippi Wonders, Season 2B
  • Hank Zipzer’s Christmas Catastrophe, 2016
  • Lellobee City Farm, Season 2

Streaming December 4

  • Under The Stars (aka Sous les étoiles), Max Original Premiere

Streaming December 5

  • His Dark Materials, Season 3 Premiere (HBO)

Streaming December 6

  • Amsterdam, 2022 (HBO)
  • Batwheels Holiday Special: Holidays on Ice
  • Bugs Bunny Builders Holiday Special: Looneyburg Lights
  • Sesame Street Mecha Builders Holiday Special: Yip Yip Tree Tree / The Snowman Scarecrow, Season 1
  • Unveiled: Surviving La Luz del Mundo, HBO Original Docuseries Premiere (HBO)

Streaming December 8

  • Doom Patrol, Max Original Season 4 Premiere
  • South Side, Max Original Season 3 Premiere

Streaming December 9

  • Bob Hearts Abishola (Seasons 1-3)
  • Silos Baking Competition: Holiday Edition, Special
  • Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, 2018 (HBO)

Streaming December 10

  • Atsuko Okatsuka: The Intruder, HBO Original Premiere (HBO)
  • Call Me Kat (Seasons 1-2)

Streaming December 12

  • Adult Swim Yule Log

Streaming December 13

  • The Banshees Of Inisherin, 2022 (HBO)
  • Meet the Batwheels: The Best Present in the World, Season 1

Streaming December 14

  • Selling the Hamptons
  • Serving the Hamptons
  • Queen of Versailles Reigns Again
  • Trixie Motel

Streaming December 15

  • Jugada Peligrosa (ex El Patrón del Balón, Goles Limpios Dinero Sucio), Max Original Premiere

Streaming December 16

  • Martin: The Reunion Special 2022
  • Ranch to Table, Season 3

Streaming December 22

  • I Hate Suzie, Max Original Season 2 Premiere
  • The Head, Max Original Season 2 Premiere

Streaming December 23

  • Family Dinner, Season 3

Streaming December 27

  • The Man From U.N.C.L.E., 2015 (HBO)

Streaming December 30

  • The Established Home, Season 2
  • This Place Rules, Original (HBO)

Leaving HBO Max December 2022

(HBO) means the title is leaving the linear cable channels as well. Please note that titles which leave often transfer to Cinemax, HBO’s sister-service, for an additional 7 months before becoming available to Disney.

Leaving December 8

  • Mortal Kombat, 2021 (HBO)

Leaving December 13

  • Spark: A Space Tail, 2016 (HBO)

Leaving December 29

  • Those Who Wish Me Dead, 2021 (HBO)

Leaving December 31

  • 12 Rounds, 2009 (Unrated) (HBO)
  • 12 Rounds 2 Reloaded, 2013 (HBO)
  • 2 Guns, 2013 (HBO)
  • Africa, 1999
  • A Kind Of Murder, 2016 (HBO)
  • A Perfect Planet
  • A Simple Plan, 1998 (HBO)
  • Against The Ropes, 2004 (HBO)
  • Arbitrage, 2012 (HBO)
  • Babylon A.D., 2008 (HBO)
  • Baggage Claim, 2013 (HBO)
  • Bend It Like Beckham, 2002 (HBO)
  • Blue Planet II
  • Blue Planet: Seas of Life
  • Bringing Out The Dead, 1999 (HBO)
  • Chaplin, 1992
  • Collision Course, 1989 (HBO)
  • Damien Omen II, 1978 (HBO)
  • Damsel, 2018 (HBO)
  • Down Periscope, 1996 (HBO)
  • Down With Love, 2003 (HBO)
  • Dr. Dolittle: Tail To The Chief, 2008 (HBO)
  • Dynasties
  • Extraction, 2015 (HBO)
  • Frozen Planet
  • Fast & Furious 6, 2013 (HBO)
  • Harlem Nights, 1989
  • Head Office, 1985 (HBO)
  • Highlander, 1986 (HBO)
  • Joyful Noise, 2012
  • Life,1999
  • Life Story, 1987
  • Little Monsters, 1989 (HBO)
  • Losing Isaiah, 1995 (HBO)
  • Monster’s Ball, 2001 (Unrated)
  • Nature’s Great Events
  • Odd Jobs, 1986 (HBO)
  • Omen IV: The Awakening, 1991 (HBO)
  • Ouija, 2014
  • Planet Earth
  • Planet Earth II
  • Real Steel, 2011
  • Ricochet, 1991 (HBO)
  • Rocket Science, 2007 (HBO)
  • Romancing The Stone, 1984
  • Sabotage, 2014 (HBO)
  • Serengeti
  • Serengeti II
  • Seven Worlds, One Planet
  • Space Chimps, 2010 (HBO)
  • Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back, 2010 (HBO)
  • Starter For 10, 2006 (HBO)
  • Sweet Dreams, 1985 (HBO)
  • Switch, 1991 (HBO)
  • That Awkward Moment, 2014 (HBO)
  • The Chosen, 1981 (HBO)
  • The Clearing, 2004 (HBO)
  • The Counselor, 2013 (Extended Version) (HBO)
  • The Final Conflict, 1981 (HBO)
  • The Flight Of The Phoenix, 1965
  • The Hitcher, 1986 (HBO)
  • The Hunt, 2020
  • The Jewel Of The Nile, 1985
  • The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 2003 HBO
  • The Mating Game
  • The Omen, 2006 (HBO)
  • The Order, 2003 (HBO)
  • The World’s End, 2013 (HBO)
  • The X-Files: I Want To Believe, 2008 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)
  • Thor: Tales Of Asgard, 2011 (HBO)
  • Thoroughbreds, 2017 (HBO)
  • Voyagers, 2021
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