Disney Channel, Disney XD, & Disney Junior Library Progress

LAST UPDATED: January 18 – As usual, February list provides nothing. What a joke of a service. At least Miraculous is finally free from Netflix…

Why do we like the ones they won’t add? Why do so many people like the ones that never got added? How could a series as popular as Brandy and Mr Whiskers still be missing? How could they have vaulted Honey I Shrunk the Kids for OVER 1 year now? Fun fact: It was on Prime Video when Disney+ launched. It left January 1st, 2021. They keep choosing to not add it!

Disney ContentLast AiredEpisodes MissingRelease Info
Dino Ranch (Season 2)AiringJanuary 25 – 6 episodes. They waited 1 month after Christmas to add the Christmas episode? Disney+, stop sucking.
Miraculous Ladybug (Seasons 1-5)HiatusFebruary 1– Seasons 1-3 arrive as Netflix loses rights (!!!!)
Puppy Dog Pals (Seasons 1-5)January 20233February 1 – Final 3 episodes! Bye dogs!
Hamster & Gretel (Season 1)Airing3February 8 – 5 episodes
Me & Mickey (Season 1)Airing7February 8 – 7 episodes
The Owl House (Season 3)Airing1 (1 left)February 8 – 1 episode (Rescheduled from January)
Superkitties (Season 1)February 15 – 7 episodes (Rescheduled from January)
Chibiverse (Season 1)Airing4Disney is now adding this show in other countries, but not USA. Great work as usual!
Mickey Mouse Funhouse (Seasons 1-2)Airing1
Firebuds (Season 1)Airing1
Alice’s Wonderland Bakery (Seasons 1-2)Airing-4Ahead by 4!
Bunk’d (Seasons 1-6)Airing108+(Licensed to Netflix. Stuck until 2027 unless Disney reworks the deal. 🙄)
GhostForce (Season 1)October 202227Streams in most countries except USA
Roman to the Rescue (Season 1)August 202217(Licensed to Hulu for some stupid reason)
Mira: Royal Detective (Seasons 1-2)June 20221Season 2 Episode 15 was skipped!
Ghost and Molly Spring ShortstacularMay 2022SpecialExclusive to DisneyNow
Shortstober – Big City Greens2021SpecialRidiculously skipped in 2021 and 2022. Great work!
Exclusive to DisneyNow
Pikwik Pack (Season 1)202126(Licensed to Hulu prior to Disney+ existence)
Calling All TOTS (Season 2)20219Exclusive to DisneyNow
Ruth & Ruby’s Virtual Sleepover20001 seasonExclusive to DisneyNow
Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero20172 seasonsStreaming on Disney+ Hotstar only.
Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything20172 seasonsDelayed – leaked in Disney+ months ago, was falsely promoted a couple different months in different countries,. Due to poor management, it’s not been over half a year since it was promoted and / or appeared in the search results.
Whisker Haven Tales20171 seasonStreaming on Disney+ Hotstar and DisneyNow.
The 7D20162 seasonsDisney+ Japan claimed it would arrive
Win, Lose, or Draw20141 season
Nina Needs to Go20141 seasonStreaming on Disney+ Hotstar and DisneyNow.
Motorcity20131 seasonStreaming on Disney+ Hotstar only.
PrankStars20111 seasonStreaming on Disney+ Hotstar only.
Aaron Stone20102 seasonsStreaming on Disney+ Hotstar only.
Handy Manny School for Tools20101 seasonStreaming on DisneyNow only.
I’m in the Band20092 seasonsAvailable on TVOD
Cory in the House20082 seasonsAvailable on TVOD
JoJo’s Circus20073 seasons
Johnny and the Sprites20072 seasonsAvailable on TVOD
Buzz on Maggie20061 season
Brandy and Mr Whiskers20062 seasonsConfirmed to be in library since September 2019, they won’t add it.
Dave the Barbarian20051 seasonStreaming on Disney+ Hotstar India only.
The Jersey20043 seasons
Stanley20041 season
Honey I Shrunk the Kids20003 seasonsAvailable on TVOD
👎 Streamed on Prime for years until January 2021. 👎
The Jersey19993 seasons
Dumbo’s Circus19861 season
Welcome to Pooh Corner19841 season