National Geographic Library Progress on Disney+

Last Updated: January 18 – For the 2nd month in a row Disney does a terrible job with Nat Geo catch up. Barely anything recent arriving in February with the backlog growing longer and longer! Wanna really get pissed? Disney is STACKING Hulu again in February with 6 BRAND NEW specials… Add to that the ridiculous fact that almost the entire Nat Geo hub is showing expiration warnings on Hulu for February 1st and yet none of it is scheduled to switch over and we’re looking at one hell of a Disney+ slight… again. This will be 3rd Nat Geo mass-renewal on Hulu in an 11 month period. What are they doing…?

Here are the National Geographic series and specials from the past 2 years that need to get added to Disney+ in the USA.

TitleLast AiredEps BehindStreaming Info
Sharkatraz 2017SpecialJanuary 20
Ocean’s Breath2019FilmJanuary 20
Dead End Express (2015) (Season 1)2015February 1 – Full series (1 season)
Life Below Zero (Seasons 5-6, 19-20)20224 seasonsFebruary 3 – Season 19 (11 episodes)

👎Seasons 5-6 removed in July, but won’t edit the lie that all seasons are streaming despite multiple times contacting them.👎
 Clan of the Meerkats (2011)2011FilmFebruary 3
Water & Power: A California Heist (2017)2017FilmFebruary 3
7 Toughest Days (S1)2023February 8 – Full 1st season
Dian Fossey: Secrets in the Mist (2017) (Season 1)2017February 15 – Full series (1 season)
Mars (2016) (Season 1)2016February 15 – Full Series (1 season)
Cesar Milan’s Better Human Better Dog (Seasons 1-3)Airing2February 15 – Season 3

Inside Airport Lost and Found2022February 17
Making the Disney Wish: Disney’s Newest Cruise Ship2022February 17
Ultimate Airport Dubai (Seasons 1-3)2015February 22
To Catch a Smuggler (Seasons 1-4)202210February 22 – Season 4 (10 episodes)

👎*S2-4 also licensed to Hulu*👎
Airport Security (Seasons 1-10)Airing20👎S9-10 Exclusive to Hulu.👎
Life Below Zero: Next Generation (Seasons 1, 5)Airing17👎NEW EPISODES NOW STREAM NEXT DAY ON HULU FOR SOME EFFED UP REASON👎

👎Season 1 removed May 19 2022👎
Going Fur Gollocd (Season 1)Airing6 (4 episodes added early to, but not Disney+. This is a mistake, Disney+ was meant to get it too.)👎The commercial falsely claims it’s on Disney+, mistakes were made. Surprise!👎
Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa (Seasons 1-4)Airing 4
The Incredible Dr. Pol (Seasons 1-22)Airing2
Trafficked With Mariana van Zeller (Seasons 1-3)Airing20👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎
Lost Treasures of Egypt (Seasons 1-4)202210👎Season 2 is a exclusive due to licensing mistake
Locked Up Abroad (Seasons 1-12)2022S1, S2 & select S3 / S4 eps👎S10-12 also licensed to Hulu 👎
National Geographic Investigates: Colombian Hippo Invasion (2023)Coming Soon Special👎Coming EXCLUSIVELY to Hulu February 2👎
National Geographic Investigates: Great Lakes Wreckage (2023)Coming SoonSpecial👎Coming EXCLUSIVELY to Hulu February 9👎
National Geographic Investigates: Battle for Alaska’s Oil (2023)Coming SoonSpecial👎Coming EXCLUSIVELY to Hulu February 9👎
National Geographic Investigates: Legal Marijuana in America (2023)Coming SoonSpecial👎Coming EXCLUSIVELY to Hulu February 16👎
National Geographic Investigates: Peru’s Grave Mystery (2023)Coming SoonSpecial👎Coming EXCLUSIVELY to Hulu February 23👎
National Geographic Investigates: LSD & Psychadelics (2023)Coming SoonSpecial👎Coming EXCLUSIVELY to Hulu January 26👎
National Geographic Investigates: El Chapo’s Narco Bling (2023)Coming SoonSpecial👎Coming EXCLUSIVELY to Hulu January 19👎
Our America: Mission Montford PointDecember 19Special
Our America: Reclaiming Turtle IslandDecember 19Special
Maradona ConfidentialNovember 19, 2022Special👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎
Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks Showdown (Season 1)October 10, 202220👎February marks 2 months since it no-showed from December 28 schedule👎
Latin America from Above: From Baja to PatagoniaSeptember 17, 2022Special
Super Frenchie: Adventure CallsSeptember 9, 2022Special
Narco Wars (Seasons 1-3)September 8, 2022👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎
Narco Wars: Drugs in America (2022)August 25, 2022Special👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎
Narco Wars: Queenpins (2022)August 3, 2022Special👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎
The Skyjacker That Got Away: D.B. CooperJuly 14, 2022Special
The Hot Zone (Seasons 1-2)November 30, 202112👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎
Killer High: The Silent Crisis (2021)November 11, 2021SpecialLeft Hulu Summer 2022
Our America: Todos Unidos (2021)Sept 19, 2021👎They didn’t bother to add it for Hispanic Heritage Month 2 years in a row
Home Rediscovered (2021)Sept 2021Special
Rise Again: Tulsa and the Red SummerJune 18, 2021Special👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎
Car S.O.S. (Season 9-10)June 202120Abandoned in USA?
Mountain Strong: Surviving the Creek FireMay 18, 2021Special
Serpent’s SurpriseMay 17, 2021Special
Our America: Asian VoicesMay 8, 2021SpecialThey didn’t bother to add it for AAPI Heritage Month 2 years in a row👎
Perpetual Planet: Heroes of the OceansApr 22, 2021Special
Science of Stupid (Seasons 1-8)Seasons 1-7 were skipped
Our America: Climate of HopeApr 22, 2021Special
The Last DropMar 26, 2021Special
GeniusMar 21, 202128On Hulu – Moving to Disney+ in 2023 for season 4. Will 1-3 follow?
Mission Possible: The Race for a VaccineMar 10, 2021Special
The March on Washington: Keepers of the DreamFeb 17, 2021Special👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎
North Korea: Inside the Mind of a DictatorJan 17, 2021Special👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎
9/11: One Day in America2021Special👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎
Launch America: Mission to Space LiveDec 16, 2020TV Special
Narco Wars: Inside the CartelDec 13, 2020
Butt Heads: The Strange Story of SheepNov 24, 2020
Inside North Korea: The Next LeaderNov 7, 2020
Breakthrough: Virus FightersNov 2, 2020
Going Viral: From Ebola to Covid-19Nov 1, 2020
Auto Masters (Season 1)Oct 20, 2020
Pristine Seas: The Power of ProtectionOct 18, 2020
Blood on the WallSept 30, 202010👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎
City So RealSept 29, 2020👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎
Pop Goes the VetAug 22, 2020Left Hulu October 1, 2022 (!)
Bin Laden’s Hard DriveAug 10, 2020TV Special👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎
Barkskins (Season 1)May 25, 20208
WWII in Europe: Voices from the FrontMay 21, 2020
Into the Fire (Short)May 20, 2020
The Lost Forest (Short)May 20, 2020
Still Human (Short)May 20, 2020
An Unfinished Symphony (Short)May 20, 2020
Drug Lords: The Next GenerationApr 28, 2020👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎
Ultimate Treasure Countdown (Season 1)Apr 28, 20206
Hitler’s Teen KillersFeb 15, 2020
The CaveJan 25, 2020👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎
AKC Fastest Dogs USA2020
Asia’s Wild Secrets2020
Assignment: Inspiration2020Special
Rebuilding Paradise2020👎Exclusive to Hulu.👎

For missing library older than 2020 visit our best-in-class resource, The Disney Vault – Click here!

Future Nat Geo Announced:

  • Sentient
  • Great Migrations
  • The Biggest Little Farm Series
  • Beyond Belief with David Blaine
  • Pole to Pole
  • Queens
  • Secret Life of Elephants
  • Secret Life of Octopus