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Disney Plus Has Fewer YouTube Subscribers Than You’d Expect. Which Streaming Service Has The Least?

Disney+ should pass 1 million YouTube subscribers this year. How does Disney’s primary streaming service stack up…

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Is ESPN Plus Merging With Disney Plus? It’s The Right Choice.

Maybe we’re nuts… but does it seem like ESPN+ and Disney+ are getting ready to unite? Could the Disney Bundle finally get a much needed evolution?

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Paramount Plus Added An Amazing Feature That Disney Plus And HBO Max Do Not Have (But Need)

We are so proud of Paramount+ for adding this amazing new feature that communicates important information to subscribers. When will Disney+ wake up?

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New Additions To Paramount+ – April 2022

Between ‘iCarly,’ ‘Halo.’ ‘Picard,’ and ‘Fairly OddParents,’ we’re inclined to say Paramount+ is “worth the cost” in April. What else is coming?

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Everything Coming To Paramount+ – March 2022

March on Paramount+ brings ‘Halo’ for the grown ups and ‘Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder’ for the children.

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Everything Coming To Paramount+ – February 2022

Paramount Plus is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a new original film called ‘The In Between’ and more reality TV library. Here’s everything…

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DejaView’s 2021 Disney Plus, Streaming, And TV Awards

It’s the 1st annual DejaView Disney Plus. Streaming, and TV Awards! What streaming services, films, and series did we consider the best?

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Everything Coming To Paramount+ – January 2022

Kick off the new year with some content from Paramount+! Here is everything coming to Paramount Plus in January 2022.

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Everything Coming To Paramount+ – December 2021

It’s already time to reveal what titles are coming to Paramount+ in December 2021!

whats new on paramount plus november 2021
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Everything Coming To Paramount+ – November 2021

Here is everything coming to Paramount+ in November. Spoiler: they forgot the missing Nickelodeon library.

Disney+ UI Lags Behind HBO Max and Netflix
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Disney+ User Interface Continues To Lag Behind HBO Max and Netflix
We give it 2 out of 5 stars

How does Disney+ user interface stack up against HBO Max, Netflix, Peacock, Paramount+, Hulu, and Prime Video? D

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[Scoop] Disney Plus Tweaks Web Interface! 2 More Changes are Necessary.

Disney+ altered the web version of their user interface yesterday. It’s the most significant change since launch nearly 20 months ago, but more work is needed.

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iCarly is a Hit! Here are 5 Disney Channel Shows Disney Must Bring Back for Adults

In light of iCarly’s huge success for Paramount Plus, here are 5 Disney Channel shows (besides Lizzie McGuire) that need to be given the adult treatment!