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‘The Simpsons’ Season 33 Planned For September 28 Disney+ Release [Exclusive]

We know when THE SIMPSONS Season 33 is coming to Disney+… but will they ever get current season episodes?

September Snubs on DIsney+
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Disney+ Snubs: September 2021
Plenty of films that would enrich September.

Another month of new titles brings another month of snubs. What isn’t coming in September that seems ready?

Disney+ Snubs August
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Disney+ Snubs: August 2021
Dick Tracy... Bridge to Terabithia... and more!

Just like awards shows, Disney+’s monthly library list contain many snubs!

Simpsons Season 32
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[EXCLUSIVE] The Simpsons Season 32 Disney Plus Release Date Revealed (NOW CONFIRMED)
[Coming to Disney Plus]

When does The Simpsons season 32 come to Disney Plus?

simpsons loki short
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The Simpsons: The Good, the Bart, and the Loki (2021) [Coming to Disney Plus]

Woo hoo! It’s been revealed by Disney that a new animated Simpsons short will release on Wednesday,…

Tangled Disney TV Series
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Why Are Disney Plus Original Series Underperforming? [Analysis]

Today, news broke courtesy Streamr that Disney is running a survey investigating the low viewership in their criminally underrated, most superior original series – Big Shot (2021). Big Shot’s finale aired today but you probably wouldn’t know that. One of the questions the survey asks is whether people would have watched more episodes if it had been available in a binge format. This is where I step in once more and reiterate what I’ve been shouting at the moon since earlier this year.

People don’t watch Disney+ series because Disney+ is not seen as a destination for TV.