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8 Missing Halloween Film on Disney Plus - Add Them For Hallowstream
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How Likely Is It Disney+ Adds These 8 Missing Halloween Movies This Year?
Bring back the older gems!

The Disney+ library is missing a handful of family-favorite Halloween gems. Is your favorite on this list? Why hasn’t Disney added it yet? Where can you watch it? Read on…

Spin Coming Soon to Disney+
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[Exclusive] Disney Channel Original Movie Windows Dramatically Shortened Starting With ‘Spin’? [Deep Dive]
'Spin' looks poised for Disney+ in September.

It looks like Spin is heading to Disney+ in September. How did we arrive at this theory and what are windows anyway?

Disney+ Has a Vault Problem
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Disney Plus Has Commitment Issues
100s of missing titles disrupt franchises

Disney+ is missing over 1,500 titles. Hundreds are available on VOD. About 150 leave major franchises / IP Collections incomplete.

Under Wraps
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‘Sneakerella’ Potentially Delayed Until 2022, Moving From Disney Plus to Disney Channel? (Timeline of Disney Channel vs Disney Plus) UPDATED

Signs point to Sneakerella being delayed and moving to Disney Channel from Disney+. This is far from the first time…

Casper Meets Wendy
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Disney Plus is Still Missing 10 Major Halloween Films

With the “Coming in July” list out that leaves 2 more chances in August and September to get the missing Halloween titles ready…