The Disney Bundle We All Want

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Ah, The Disney Bundle, arguably Disney’s biggest streaming mistake (not buying out Comcast’s stake in Hulu back in 2019 is arguably bigger). But with the success of Amazon and Apple’s bundles, it seemed logical for Disney, which is one of the world’s largest media companies to make a bundle of their own. Unfortunately, they didn’t make the logical choice. Let me explain.

Who Wants To Pay For Three Streaming Services For One Company’s Library?

The Disney Bundle (as of today)

The Disney Bundle in the US and the Combo+ Bundle in Latin America both have a big issue: nobody wants to pay for multiple streamers to access one company’s library. Disney+/ Hulu and Star+’s libraries should all be merged into Disney+ with ESPN being either a standalone app or being added as a brand with live streams of all the latest sports events that ESPN has the rights to.

The reason millions originally signed up for Netflix was that they offered a window to every major film studios library or at least multiple high profile titles from those libraries.

Disney+ and Disney Music Unlimited Is The Bundle We Want

Now Disney+ is a juggernaut in film and TV streaming, but what about Disney’s music library? Apple bundles Apple TV+, Apple Music and Apple Arcade for less than $20 a month, Disney has produced thousands of songs over the years for their TV, movies and specials, so why not have this app to curate all of their songs?

Disney+ is great for fans of musical movies but if you’re a parent and your kids want to listen to “You’re Welcome” from Moana, “Let It Go” from Frozen, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Encanto or “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” from Mulan (1998), you have to skip through the entire film to find the music scenes and rewind them if the kids want to hear them on repeat. Disney could upload the full song with a music video to this Disney Music Unlimited service or they could just focus on the music tracks.

How This Bundle Would Work

This ALL-NEW Disney Bundle could operate in a couple of ways, the first way is to have Disney+ and Disney Music Unlimited as separate apps where you can browse both apps separately from each other. Another way is by having Disney Music Unlimited as an addon within Disney+. The final way is for Disney to allow you to log in to Disney Music Unlimited using your Disney+ account and Disney Music Unlimited will then recommend you songs from movies and series you watched on Disney+ or music related to other songs you listened to within DMU.


Now obviously Disney doesn’t own all the music ever made, they’re not UMG or Sony Music Group (haha, but seriously how do they have all the major music names nowadays?) so obviously Disney may not get the rights to the music in their Disney+ specials about Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Billie Eilish or The Beatles.

Disney Music Unlimited could also integrate profiles, and when you first sign in they could ask if you want to set your profile to 18+ which would allow you to listen to original songs from more mature Disney owned properties like Family Guy.

But What About Spotify, Apple Music etc?

This is a valid point and for anyone who has an account on a music streaming service like Spotify then why would they want Disney Music Unlimited? Simple, Disney Music Unlimited could upload two different versions of every song, one is the simple music track and the other would include the music video.

People can also argue that they can just play the songs on YouTube, however many people have pointed out that using YouTube has its own issues including certain adverts not being family-friendly.

Final Thoughts

A Disney Bundle of Music and Movies would be an amazing get for Disney fans around the world, especially for those with children who enjoy listening to the same songs from Disney’s many classics. This bundle would be similar to Apple One, the biggest difference is Disney actually owns their own music library unlike Apple who acts as a curator of songs.

Disney could just strike up a deal with a company like Spotify to bundle their services together, however in doing so Disney would have to split the revenue with Spotify, whilst launching Disney Music Unlimited and bundling it with Disney+ means Disney would keep all the profits.

What Do You Think? Is This The Disney Bundle You Would Prefer?

Editor’s Note: Uh, yes please.

An Autistic Disney, Marvel and Star Wars fan from England. Ethan is an advocate for equal representation in media for people of colour, LGBTQ+, women and people with disabilities. One day he'll be a published author mark his words, but for now, he covers Disney stuff.